Monday, April 26, 2010

Dancing Bear

This dress found me in an OP shop in Sydney a few years ago, and teamed with a unforgivably fun petticoat, it always makes my day. I delight in spinning. I had chores and groceries to do today, so it accompanied me on a journey to buy a new toothbrush, a kilo of sausages and a pack of watermelon mentos for my sister.

Dress - Vintage
Petticoat - Circa, Melbourne
Belt - Granddad
Hiking Boots - Sportsgirl

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Bear

A dear friend is moving away, so we are having drinks this warm autumn night to fare her well. I adore Mr Wayne Cooper and his soft floaty fabrics. Have received many love/hate comments on the leggings, but feel just a little rock and roll with them on, so will wear them out to slightly conservative pub anyway.

Dress - Wayne Cooper
Leggings - Miss Burnett
Hiking Boots - Sportsgirl

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boycott Bear

Today - I was feeling a little aggressive, and a little inspired. So the leggings I had bought specially as Gym attire not long ago, became friends with a pair of scissors. I now have absolutely nothing to wear to the Gym but I have created some entirely impractical, but super fun new tights. I love impracticality. It's such a challenge.

Singlet - Agent Ninety-Nine
Skirt - Sportsgirl
Leggings - Miss Burnett!
Hiking Boots - Sportsgirl

The Average Bear

To start this blog off, I want to articulate that I feel a bear mask should be a staple in every discerning young woman's wardrobe. I'm not an aspiring model, or photographer, or stylist, or designer, or writer. I'm a Science student, and I'm just an Average Bear. This is what The Bear Wears. :)